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American rapper Travis Scott has released three studio albums, three mixtapes, two collaborative albums, four extended plays (EP), 39 singles, seven promotional singles, and 43 music videos.


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Liam Langille says

"I placed two orders in august and they still have yet to come it’s been 5 months now garbage company and no costumer service just the same automatic email no matter what you say do not order"

Romain Orlando says

"Bought a McDonald's crewneck on early September and receive it today... I let you count but it seems a bit over the time announced.

The customer service is really bad (almost inexistant).

The quality of the merch is bad, the color is not even close to the color I choosed."

Dana Patchen says

"Horrible company. Ordered a hoodie in September and it is January and I still haven't received it. The only way to communicate with them is through email and I was told there is a delay due to COVID, but of course they already charged my credit card without shipping the product. I told them to cancel my order and refund me. Doubt that is going to happen. This company is a scam!!! Going to report them to the BBB, everyone else should too."

Erin M says

"Like many others, I ordered from the Travis Scott McDonald's collab back in September with an estimated shipping time of 9 weeks. It's now past mid January and nobody can tell me WHEN it is even supposed to start being manufactured. Filed a claim on paypal before purchase protection was up and got a refund. Suggest others do the same if they don't want to wait until 2022 for their order. You probably only have a couple weeks left before you won't be able to file a claim."

Dee says

"I ordered a McDonald’s Collaboration on September 11 and it’s now January 18 emailed them yesterday they said due to Covid many shipments are delayed blah blah blah. To wait three months for Merch it’s crazy. Mind you I was patient enough for a year for the Fortnite Travis Scott action figures and the only reason why I was patient about that is because it said it would take up to a year. But my recent order said 3 to 9 weeks it’s almost 3 months and when you email them it’s automatic email reply to this whole way that they deal with business is a joke travis Scott is a very creative individual but as far as him following up making sure that his orders are being sent out since his name is on all of the products He should be more aware"

avaisafk says

"ordered a hoodie four months ago and it never came. his service is trash."

Ryan Hughes says

"Ordered a bunch of McDonalds stuff in Sept and still haven’t received all of my order, missing the shorts. Meanwhile my PS5 hoodie that I ordered is on the way.... What the heck... this dude is out buying all these flashy cars and stuff on our dime why he is literally keeping the shirts off our backs. Hope you enjoy Calabasas bruh...while the people who you are marketing too and supposed to be supporting, are scraping dimes off the street to keep you comfortable..."

Yanie Yampier says

"I ordered something in September 9th. Today is January 14th and I am still waiting for my item. 4 months is ridiculous!"

Soph says

"As much as you may want this merch, pls don't order it. I ordered a hoodie in late September and it's now the middle of January and I still haven't gotten it (not even an email saying it shipped). This store is f*cked. They have sent me only 1 update since my order was confirmed (saying it will be delayed due to covid). This is the longest I've ever waited for an item and I'm not even sure if it'll come. Damn"

Julian Tineo says

"I bought a bunch of items from the McDonalds collab, Franchise, and Playstation and the only thing I got was a couple CDs, Im expecting hundreds of dollars in merch and have only gotten a small fraction. I am now done and left his merch in 2020, I only liked it for resell anyway"

Shawnee says

"I understand that it is COVID and things are tough but the lack of communication is concerning.

I ordered the nugget pillow on Sept 10th, 2020 and it is now over 17 weeks later. I got one update saying "IF YOUR ORDER CONTAINS AN ITEM(S) THAT WAS IN THE 9-12 WEEK OR 12-16 WEEK QUOTED SHIP TIMELINE, WE STILL ANTICIPATE THOSE ORDERS ARRIVING ON TIME."

The nugget pillow was supposed to be 9 - 12 weeks so they said it would still be on time. It's been 5 weeks (over a month) since it would have been on time. I reached out to customer service and they said the only info they have is the update that was already sent out. Obviously that update no longer applies because it said it would be on time and it is not.

Looking at the rest of the reviews I wonder if this is a big scam since they are unable to provide any information about my order.

If I don't hear anything within the next week or so about an ETA for shipping, I will issue a chargeback and I definitely don't plan to ever shop here again."

SwedensVeryOwn says

"I ordered a McDonalds collab hoodie in September and it still hasn’t arrived, I haven’t gotten contacted or updated by the company and they seem pretty useless tbh. It’s a few months late, and they didn’t even send out an email to inform about it or apologize. Covid could ofc be part time blame but this is plain unprofessional and horrible service"

Toddrick says

"Ordered a hoodie about 4 months ago and still waiting. Smdh. Never again."

David Guerrero says

"I have waited 3 and a half months , i ordered a chicken nugget pillow that has yet to arrive . This is atrocious i understand that this is covid times but w t f man . Deliver me my merch"

Jessica says

"I have NEVER waited this long for product, My order was placed on Sept 8th, I have never posted a negative comment until today. My patience has ran out. This Guy is a millionaire on our backs and cant get us our product... SMH (I ordered the Md's-tray)"

Gasper Da Smoke says

"man this is a joke i placed my orders months ago and still have no clothes. Customer service where? i spent over $1000 on my MERCH and have nothing but ppl are reselling things but i cant get mine so i can wear it pure BS........ I WANT A F'ING REFUND"

DT says

"HORRIBLE BUSINESS! I placed an order over 2 months ago and have not received the order or a refund. Their customer service is a joke. This store is a scam, never again! I'm usually a patient person, but this company is horrible...I cannot emphasize how bad this experience has been."

Ashlyn Philip says

"ordered a TS5 hoodie and paid about $200 all up with shipping, it said it would take 3-4weeks to ship but it’s been about 8 weeks and i haven’t heard anything. Also i emailed the “support staff” inquiring on this and they replied with “Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with your inquiry as we do not provide customer support for this order.” - worst customer service ever. if this takes much longer i’ll just get a refund from paypal."

박캘빈스 says

"I ordered “Fortnite Travis Action Figure” on April 2020. And they never send it so far lol I emailed almost 20times tho they never give me a proper solution or something. I loved his songs and was kinda fan. But his store never give a sh- bout their buyer."

Charles Schmidt says

"i ordered the travis scott mcdonald’s jersey which i was super hyped about... said it would take 12-16 weeks. idk why it takes that long but anyways i got an email about two moths later saying because of covid it would take about 3-4 weeks longer. Come on fam it’s been forever. at least send me some extra stuff with it like u a millionaire finessing us with this. like bro i paid 40 for shipping. throw in some merch w that like a jordan collab" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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